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Hailey Madison Sebastian, Berklee College of Music Class of 2024 | Boston Portrait Photographer

Red headed 20 year old girl with a pink shirt and black leather jacket laying on the ground

Graduation photos for the ICONIC Hailey Madison Sebastian!

Maddie is one of the sweetest humans you will ever meet and you can clearly tell that she has the purest heart whether you’re known her for a long time or an hour. One of the our mutually favorite photos from this session is when Maddie smiled so genuinely when someone was walking by while we were taking photos! I am so excited to see what she does after she graduates from Berklee this May and just know that if you’re lucky enough to meet her, your day is going to get 142% better!

If you’re a soon to be graduate, it’s not too early to schedule a session to commemorate your time or get new headshots as your start applying for jobs! See how Maddie used the photos on her website:


Hailey Madison Sebastian | Christian Science Plaza | 01. 15. 2024

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