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Headshots for Musicians and Creatives

Have you ever felt like having a professional headshot as a creative has always ended up super low down on your to-do list, but when asked for a headshot, you either scramble to take an iPhone photo or are the only person without a high-quality photo? 

Or maybe you don't really love having your photo taken because you never know how to pose or feel supported by the person taking your photo?

Well that's all about to change.



Step 1: Choose what style of photography best fits your needs!

Boston Portrait Photographer.jpg

Portrait & Headshot Sessions

Boston Elopement Photographer.jpg

Engagement & Elopement Sessions

Boston Recital Photographer.jpg

Event & Music Recital Sessions

"I've had a few photoshoots with Taylor now and honestly every time it just feels like hanging out with your best friend. She's so encouraging and immediately makes you feel comfortable, and also gives great posing direction! If you're thinking about booking with Taylor for photos, do it. :)"

-Nicole Riccardo, business coach and strategiest

Step 2: Pick Your Location

Boston Public Garden

Beacon Hill

Boston Seaport

Location requests available, too!​

Boston Portrait Photographer.jpg
Untitled design (10).png

Step 3: Pick Your Package

20 Minute Session

5 photos 


40 Minute Session

15 photos 


60 Minute Session

30+ photos 


*photoshoots outside of Boston will include a travel fee based on mileage


Step 4: Send me an email and we'll chat so that your vision becomes our vision!

It's incredibly important to me that we're on the same page about what you want out of your photos. Whether you're looking for headshots, branding photos for your website & social media, or are just treating yourself to a session because you freakin want to, I'm here to not only help bring it to life, but make sure that you feel good about it the entire time!

For more examples, check out the blog!  

Meet your photographer:

Hi, I'm Taylor, Boston portrait photographer and the lady behind the lens! I know just how uncomfortable it can be to have your photos taken -- your shoulders creep up to your ears, you have no idea what the heck to do with your hands, and you reach a whooooole new level of sweaty...


Sound familiar? 


As someone who has been there, it's become part of my mission as your photographer to help you feel grounded and present in your body during your session so that your most authentic self shines through in your photos! 

Keep reading to learn more about locations and package options!


Still feeling nervous about a session? Check out what some of my clients have said about their experiences!

Taylor is super creative with angles and has a great eye for the shot. I felt like the vibe I was going for completely shone through with how she shot the pictures, and how the colors turned out as well. She is incredibly clear, professional and easy to work with.

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