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Taylor Rossi Boston Photographer

You know that you've needed new photos for years but you never found the right photographer who made you feel comfortable or like you're able to be yourself...does that sound about right?

You've got two options:



Use the grainy photos that don't even look like you anymore (you might even be cringing just thinking about it)


You let me show you that having your photos taken can actually be fun and trust that when I say I will do everything I can to make sure you feel as comfortable and yourself as possible, I mean it!

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The smart money says option 2, but why don't you grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and let me tell you a little bit more about just who the heck I am! 

Hey friend, I'm Taylor!

A queer Boston portrait photographer;  my pronouns are she/her/hers. In my life before being a photographer, I was (and still am) a classical flutist! While I was in grad school for flute performance, I started an internship at Flutistry, a flute company in Boston, and immediately fell in love with marketing for creatives.

I was so passionate about it and it became clear that that's what I wanted to do. So you know what I did next? I quit grad school (scandalous, I know) and was hired as a full-time Marketing Associate; thusly the first major pivot of my career was born. During my time there I created content for social media, product photography for the website, and got to interact with incredible flutists from all over the world! But something was missing... 

Taylor Rossi

I was looking for a new path and journey that allowed me to work in the online space AND spend my days outside. A few months later, I teamed up with Nicole Riccardo and Jolene Madewell to form Nicole Riccardo Media, a web design agency for musicians and creatives. When we realized that our strengths together were even stronger combined than they were apart, it only made sense to create a digital dream team! It has been nothing short of exciting as I get to spend a large part of my time as the website designer!  You can check out our company site here:

I love being a website designer, there was STILL something missing for me...

The truth was, I missed interacting with people in person! While we've had some amazing website clients, the time I actually got to interact with them was less than filled my cup so it was time to add something new into my life and business.

A part time job?  A receptionist position?  Just have discovery calls to get to talk to people? 

None of these felt right. 

This whole time I had been doing photoshoots here and there and it dawned on me that my imposter syndrome had been holding me back, thinking that I could never call myself a photographer, too. So finally I said screw that, I said yes to this love affair I've had with photography since high school and started doing the dang thing! 

In all of these pivots, I learned that I don't have to give up anything I love and if balanced right, I can do it all! So today I'm happy to say that I wear the hat of a photographer, website designer, AND flute teacher. 

Taylor Rossi Boston Photographer

The truth is, this is the neat and tidy version of my life story. There were lots of messes and trash can fires along the way, but that's also the joy of what it means to be a full human being.


If you've made it this far, I'm eternally grateful and hope this gave you a little more insight into who I am! My biggest hope is that it leads you to feel like you know me a little more and it helps you feel more comfortable should we meet in person and work together.


In the meanwhile, I would love to get to know you more! Feel free to email me or connect with me on social media; you can find me spending way too many hours on Instagram at @taylorrossiphotography

xo, Taylor

Let's get personal

If you're going to trust me to photograph you, you should probably know all of the extra important details about me!


How I Met Your Mother


gin martini


yoga, hiking, & songwriting


dancing it out with friends


apple pie


Hudson Valley,

New York

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