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Kate Knudsvig, Professional Fiddle Player | Boston Headshot Photographer

Boston Branding Photographer

What a massive honor it is to share the photos from Kate Knudsvig's session at the Boston Seaport!

Kate is a classical violinist and Irish traditional fiddler who you can find playing around Irish pubs in Boston and who is currently on tour with Celtic Thunder!

This photo session was for her new website so we made sure to do a variety of wide shots and close ups so she had plenty of options!

It was so much fun to get to know Kate and after getting a little sneak peak of her playing during her session, I’m even more excited to see her perform when she gets back from tour! Visit her website to learn more about her and find performances at

Keep scrolling to see more photos from Kate's session!


Kate Knudsvig | Boston Seaport | 09. 09. 2023

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