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Eliza Howells, Singer Songwriter | Boston Portrait Photographer

Red headed 20 year old girl with a pink shirt and black leather jacket laying on the ground

Round 3 of working with "popera" singer-songwriter, Eliza Howells and this may be my favorite session yet!

Eliza and I have done standard headshots together and followed that with a photoshoot for her Spotify artist page (you can see those photos in this blog post). Getting to work together a 3rd time has been such a joy, not only because each time we get to do something really creative together, but also because it allows for us to understand how the other one works even more and highlight those strengths! What I love most about working with her is that while she has a great idea in mind for her photos, she is always open to exploring other poses and concepts as you'll see below. For this round of photos, we got to work at a fantastic studio in Downtown Boston -- while we were working we could see beautiful flurries of snow happening outside! While I am a huge fan of working in natural light, it's nice to have studios like this which allow photos to happen regardless of the weather.

For anyone looking for an indoor space, I can't recommend it enough. Check it out for yourself here! Before you scroll to see the photos from her session, check out a little behind the scenes clip of how much fun we had:


Eliza Howells | Boston Studio | 01. 16. 2024

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