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Jade Espina, Mezzo-Soprano | Boston Headshot Photographer

Rose Lewis wearing a greenshirt laughing

Headshot photoshoot reveal for Boston vocalist, Jade Espina!

Jade is such a kind, sweet, and incredibly talented person and it was so great working with her! The goal for these photos was to capture her wide range of expressions as an artist and to also have new headshots for audition season!

I am so in love with her bold red jumpsuit and lipstick — it is such a memorable look and pops so well in the photos. If you’re ever deciding between pastel and a bold version of a color for your outfit, let this be your reason and reminder to go bold or go home!

Visit Jade's website to how she used the photos:


Jade Espina | Christian Science Plaza | 12. 02. 2023

Ready for a photoshoot of your own? Click here to book!


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