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Nikki Dillon, Yoga Teacher | Boston Yoga Photographer

Yoga Teacher Branding Photoshoot for the fabulous Nikki! 🧘🏻‍♀️ 📸

First off, this is a necessary appreciation post to all yoga and movement teachers who hold crazy poses during photoshoots — how you do that and barely sweat + look so graceful continuously blows my mind. This is also a blanket apology for all the times I’ve said “hold it for just one more second!!!” when in fact it is always more than one second . 😅

Nikki braved both the heat wave and the *literal hills* of Beacon Hill to capture photos that will be used for her website and social media to market herself as a Boston yoga teacher! I’m so excited to see her become even more in demand! Be sure to check out her classes if you’re in the Boston area! Keep scrolling to see more photos from Georgia's session and check out her site at!


Nikki Dillon | Beacon Hill | 8.03. 2022

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