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Yoga for All Musicians | Boston Yoga Photographer

If you haven't heard of Yoga for All Musicians yet, you're in for a treat! Yoga for All Musicians is a virtual yoga studio founded in 2020 by Brianne Borden, Amelia Rosenberger and Claire Howard who are all professional musicians, professors, and yoga teachers! Rather than teaching online yoga classes separately, they took the pandemic as an opportunity to join forces and create a beautiful virtual company, uniting musicians from all over the world in meditation and yoga. This August, they gathered for a company retreat in Burlington, Vermont and thought it would be the perfect time to take new photos for their socials and website since two of them are based in Texas and the other in New York, since they sadly and rarely are all in the same place at the same time. Cue my entrance! When planning this full day photoshoot, it was important to plan out every detail of what they envisioned. This included the landscape of the locations, different aspects of poses, and the color scheme so as to not include clashing colors for their brand that they very mindfully cultivated. The entire week leading up to their session there was a strong chance of rain but the we lucked out and it wound up being a beautiful day in a beautiful place with beautiful people! This photoshoot was a true honor for me and I am a huge fan of these ladies and YAM.

I hope you enjoy these photos and be sure to check out to learn more about them!


Yoga for All Musicians | Burlington, Vermont | 8. 12. 2021

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