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Dr. Chelsea Tanner, Flutist and Mindset Coach | NYC Portrait Photographer

What do you get when you take two flutists turned entrepreneurs and collaborate on a photoshoot? Something epic, that's what. Chelsea and I met in person at the 2018 National Flute Association Convention in Orlando, Florida, and it's no surprise to me that Chelsea has added life and mindset coaching into her business. To this day, I remember attending a presentation Chelsea was featured in where she spoke about doing your work based on when you function best in the day; she said it with such an innate sense of knowing and it changed my life. When Chelsea asked my to take new photos for her, I was simply over the moon. The goal for Chelsea's session was to incorporate the New York City skyline into her photos while also using elements of her grounded personality, hence the water and greenery! We met in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass for you non-New Yorkers!) and we were able to capture all of these different elements within a short distance of each other! The beauty of New York City, I suppose. Keep scrolling to see more photos from Chelsea's session and check out her mindset coaching business at!


Dr. Chelsea Tanner | DUMBO, New York City | 9. 21. 2021

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