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Kelly Beaudin, Marketing Consultant | Boston Brand Photographer

Meet Kelly Beaudin, a marketing consultant who was looking to update her photos for her website + socials in a way that felt both professional and approachable.

Kelly brought 3 insanely cute outfits that complimented not only her style, but the space itself! 

What was so awesome about this session was seeing Kelly become more relaxed and comfortable with poses as the session went on. We even decided to redo the first outfit (the fabulous white suit) because of it! 

While I love working outdoors, getting to work in such an incredible space accompanied by Kelly’s fire playlist made this session so fun and so easy! 

A huge thank you to Sarah from @itsstudiob for letting us use her studio! Keep scrolling to see some of my favorite photos from her session!


Kelly Beaudin | Studio B, South Boston | 4.29. 2022

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