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Behind The Scenes of a Photoshoot with Taylor Rossi

Hey, there! My name is Taylor Rossi, I am a Boston headshot photographer for classical musicians, couples, and creatives entrepreneurs! After my fair share of awkward photoshoot sessions, it was a sign from above (and by above, I mean just the fact that I felt uncomfortable, ya know?) that I wanted to offer a photoshoot experience that made my clients feel comfortable, authentic, and confident, regardless of if this was their 1st photoshoot or their 50th.

My style of headshots are warm, candid, and inviting. I don't believe in stern or serious photos because life is too hard to be serious all the time.

Working with a new photographer can be super nerve wracking, that's why I put this little video together for you so you know what it will look like when we work together!

Ready for a session of your own? Click here to book!


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