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Olivia Larson, Clinical Phycology Doctoral Student | Boston Headshot Photographer

Meet Olivia: Chicago native, Clinical Phycology Doctoral student, fellow Parks & Rec lover, and my former roommate! ⁣ This girl is an all around badass and one of the hardest workers I know. ⁣Getting to take her headshots was such a joy, not only for the cuteness that Beacon Hill brings, but for the time we got to spend together during her session!⁣ For me, the experience during your photoshoot should feel comfortable, allow you to be yourself, and maybe even a little magical? 🦄 ⁣

Below you'll find more info about Olivia and what her photoshoot session experience was like!


1). Tell us a little bit about yourself!  

I am a first year Clinical Psychology Doctoral student at University of Pennsylvania. The focus of my work is to try and improve our understanding of how brain activity during sleep contributes to mental health and mental illness.

2). How did you find your niche in sleep studies?

It was just a serendipitous opportunity and once I started studying sleep, the more interested and passionate about it I became!

3). Were you nervous for your session? 

Yes! I usually feel so awkward taking pictures, but Taylor made me feel so much more comfortable in front of the camera and in my own skin. By the end of the shoot, I felt like a supermodel!

4). What was it like working with Taylor?

Working with Taylor was FANTASTIC! TERRIFIC! FIVE STARS! She is a wonderful human and I feel so lucky to have had her helping me look my best.

5). What do you plan on using your photos for?

I plan on using my headshots for LinkedIn and the professional affiliations I am a part of. I also recently became a volunteer for Girls Who Code, and it's recommended we provide a professional picture and a bio to send to the parents so they get a sense of who their children are learning from!

Olivia Larson | Beacon Hill, MA | 1. 2. 2020


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