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Lauren + Taylor Engagement Photos | Travel Engagement Photographer

Warmth, full hearts, patience, kindness, support, endless love: these are just a few words I’d use to the describe what I observed during my trip to Fargo, ND to photograph Lauren and Taylor’s engagement and elopement. They are the ultimate team and the way they love and support one another in every way was so incredible and beautiful to watch !

We got to go to a beautiful state park just on the other side of ND in Minnesota during the beautiful fall foliage to take their engagement photos and it was SO much fun!

They said yes to every suggestion and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone have as much fun as Taylor did when I asked them to throw the leaves! Talk about showing your inner child!!

Keep scrolling to see some of my favorite photos from their engagement session!


Lauren + Taylor | Fargo Engagement | 10. 24. 2022

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