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Boston Engagement Photoshoot | Brianna + Chadd

File this under "Good News in 2020": not only did this amazing couple get engaged, but getting the chance to capture one of my best friend's engagement photos was a dream come true! You know how sometimes when you meet your friend's significant other it can be a total drag? Not Brianna and Chadd. They are the coolest couple on the planet and I don't think there's a person in the world who wouldn't enjoy being around this amazing tag team! I took their engagement photos with a New England Autumn theme at the stunning Arnold Arboretum and the golden hour paired with their golden personalities made this photoshoot absolute fire! It was a total blast all around. Now enough about me, let's meet the couple! Keep reading to hear about their love story and see more photos from their session!


1). Tell us about yourselves! How did you two meet?  We both grew up in Woodstock, GA, right down the road from one another. I met Chadd’s sister, actually, in a band function in 8th grade, and we immediately became best friends. I spent most of my teen years at the Oglesby house hanging out with Jenny, and sometimes her little brother would tag along. Over the years, the three of us became close friends and hung out with each other frequently. It wasn’t until much later though (I was entering my first year of grad school and Chadd was not quite 21) that we ended up developing feelings for one another. After Jenny gave us her blessing, the rest is history! We currently live in Worcester, MA, with our cat Kovu, and are hoping to tie the knot officially in early 2022.

2). Were you nervous about your session?  B: Only a little! Since these pictures are going to be around for the rest of our lives, I was feeling a little bit anxious about if I would like the way that I look in them as I, and I’m sure many others, have a tendency to pick myself apart over small things, especially in pictures. To combat that, I made sure that everything that I could control was planned out in advance (I got my hair done the day of, got my nails done, had my outfit and accessories meticulously planned, etc.). Once we were out taking pictures though, any leftover anxieties about how I was going to look melted away.

C: I was also slightly nervous about the engagement shoot! These pictures will be sent out to everyone we know - which can add stress to the process, but when the process entails getting to marry the woman of your dreams the stress is absolutely worth it. This was something I was not too familiar with doing, but the fact that we were good friends with the photographer made it much more comfortable and it allowed us to be ourselves.

3). How did you prepare for the session? B: We had so much fun preparing for our session! We went shopping for outfits together but eventually ended up finding what we wore online. I got my hair and nails done, and the day before we had our pictures done we went and got my ring cleaned so that it sparkled!

C: We both went shopping with outfit ideas in mind and eventually pieced everything together (some sooner than others haha). I bought a lint roller to make sure our cat stayed completely at home. 4). What was your favorite part of the session? B: My favorite part of our session was that it was our first official thing that we’ve done to prepare for our wedding! The memories we made with Taylor that day are ones that I will treasure for a lifetime

C: My favorite part of this session was that it was the first box we checked off as an engaged couple! I am stoked to see how these pictures turned out so we can share them with everyone! 5). What was it like working with Taylor?  B: Working with Taylor is always a treat. I’ve had her take headshots for me before as well, and both sessions were lighthearted and fun. She came prepared with ideas on how we should pose and even held our masks and wallets while taking our pictures. I highly recommend her for your photography needs!

C: Taylor is a joy to be around and work with! She was very helpful and instructive throughout the shoot by offering different pose suggestions and walking us to different locations. I would definitely recommend her to be your next photographer!


Brianna and Chadd | Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University | 10. 10. 2020

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