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Caitlyn Loweth Rivero, Wellness Coach for Creatives | Travel Branding Photographer

Red headed 20 year old girl with a pink shirt and black leather jacket laying on the ground

Photoshoot reveal for classical guitarist and wellness coach for creatives, Caitlyn Loweth Rivero!

I met Caitlyn during a business retreat in Austin, Texas and had the absolute honor of taking photos for her website and social media. Caitlyn is the founder of Forging Balance, a program that helps musicians and creatives with work-life balance and overall wellness into their lives, born out of her own need for routine and accountability as a creative. The goal for her photoshoot was to capture her personality and add contrast to the wellness world which is typically filled with light and soft colors. Donned in her black dress, vibrant red hair, and sword earrings, it shows how you can be yourself in a world that wants you to blend in. Keep scrolling to see more photos from Caitlyn's photoshoot!


Caitlyn Loweth Rivero | Austin, Texas | 04. 02. 2023

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