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Ann-Marie Iacoviello, Opera Singer | Boston Portrait Photographer

Photoshoot reveal for the MASTER of facial expressions, exuberant energy, and an astounding opera comedian, Ann-Marie Iacoviello!

Ann-Marie was the literal perfect person to do have a 7 AM photoshoot with. She was ready 👏 to 👏 go 👏 and had the BEST poses! I was cracking up on the other side over the camera because she’s so darn entertaining! 

The light concrete walls at the Christian Science Center Plaza provided the perfect opportunity to take some photos with intentional space off to the side so she can have a spot to add text to for her site and make it super readable!

 Check out her website and see just how fabulous they look on it: No matter what size session you have, I'm a big fan of outfit changes to keep your photos fresh and also show variety in your personality/expressions. And as you're about to see when you scroll down, Ann-Marie can give movement, personality, and pizazz to just about any outfit! Keep scrolling to see more photos from her portrait session!


Ann-Marie Iacoviello | Christian Science Center Plaza | 7. 07. 2022

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