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Rukan Khondker, Soprano | Boston Headshot Photographer

Meet Rukan: Soprano, cat mom, plant lover, voice teacher!

Fun fact: not only did Rukan sing in my senior recital but she also lived on the same floor of our residence hall freshman year of college! ⁣ Rukan recently moved from Albany, NY to Boston to begin her graduate studies at Boston Conservatory for Vocal Pedagogy and I cannot be more excited that she is here! I had the honor of hearing her perform in college and I can only imagine how much she's going to grow as an artist.

When she reached out about having headshots taken, I was so excited as I knew she has an incredible vision and style and this session would be a total blast!

Below you'll find more information about Rukan and what her photoshoot session experience was like!


1). Tell us a little bit about yourself!  

I'm a voice teacher and vocalist! I just moved to Boston to begin studying vocal pedagogy at Boston Conservatory in the fall. I have spent the last four years building a private studio and working as a general music and choir teacher in Albany, NY. I'm here to develop my skills, and to continue teaching and building my career while I'm in school!

2). What are your goals right now as an emerging artist?

I'm working to develop a presence as a voice teacher in Boston. Since I'm limited to teaching online right now, my goal is to allow my personality and teaching philosophy to shine through my website and online identity. I am passionate that even in a time where we are taking collective action to protect ourselves and others, we need music to help us mourn the losses of this year as a society. I would like to connect with as many people as possible, and working with Taylor is helping me make that possible in a brand new city!

3). Were you nervous for your session? 

I was at first, but the nerves quickly went away once we began at our beautiful location!

4). What was it like working with Taylor?

So much fun! We had a blast. She is super creative with angles and has a great eye for the shot. I felt like the vibe I was going for completely shone through with how she shot the pictures, and how the colors turned out as well. She is incredibly clear, professional and easy to work with.

5). What do you plan on using your photos for?

I will be using my photos as headshots to be displayed by my employers, as well as to put on my website and develop my online personality

Rukan Khondker | Deer Island, MA | 8. 09. 2020


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