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Nanette Fridman and Kelly Segal, Consultants | Boston Personal Branding Photographer

Woman in a white shirt and jeans sitting on a couch in her home

Meet Nanette Fridman and Kelly Segal, business consultants and strategists in Boston!

It was so much fun working with these ladies as their personal branding photographer -- they hyped each other up throughout the entire session and had so many fun ideas from headshots to more candid photos. We had the wonderful opportunity to have the session at The Village Works, a co-working space in Brookline Village. The space perfectly reflected their warm and welcoming yet professional style.

The goal for these photos was to showcase their personalities so that potential clients could get a sneak peak of what it's like to work with them. These photos will be used for both social media and their respective websites.

Keep scrolling to see some of my favorite photos from their session!


Nanette Fridman and Kelly Segal | The Village Works in Brookline, MA | 4.12. 2023 | Personal Branding Photographer

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