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Catherine Flinchum, Flutist | Classical Musician Photographer

Have you ever finally met someone from Instagram in person, and it feels like you already know them? That's what happened when I met Cat! We instantly connected the way we have on Instagram and I think there were points we both forgot we were in the middle of a photoshoot! Note to self: if shooting during golden hour, catch up with client BEFORE the lighting is perfect. 😂

Cat is super passionate about everything that she does, both flute and otherwise, and it was so enjoyable to be around that energy during her session. We also both love America's Next Top Model, so it was so much fun to pretend like we were on the show, but obviously the flute edition. Should we make that a thing? I vote yes.

Below you'll find more info about Cat and what her photoshoot session experience was like!


1). Tell us a little bit about yourself!  

My name is Catherine Flinchum, and I’m currently living in Denver, CO where I actively perform & teach. When I’m not fluting it up in my apartment or in rehearsal, I work as a barista, so if you’re near the University of Denver area and need a latte, I. GOT. YOU. When I’m not doing either of these things, I’m either cuddling/annoying my cat LayC, trying new beers with my boyfriend or running (literally) around town because the weather is pretty much nice 88%, and I LOVE IT!

2). Are there any projects you're working on right now/goals you have?

Right now, I’m in the works of creating some fun warm up exercises for my students. I teach flute sectionals at many schools, and I want to help my students feel excited & engaged with flute playing, so I’m arranging some holiday songs to make it educational yet fun for them. I used to composer a bit when I was school, so I felt like utilizing these skills in this format would help me keep up with my writing skills!

3). Were you nervous for your session? 

Of course! I think of it as Americas Next Top Model (thanks Tyra!); you always want to bring your A game to a photoshoot, so you can have the best results. I haven’t had headshots taken with my current flute at all really, so I wanted to look presentable & have the right positive energy when I was in action.

4). What was it like working with Taylor?

It was great! Taylor was super friendly & helpful especially when it came to certain poses, positions my hands were with my flute & if my hair was in the way. She has a great eye where to take a shot, especially since it was getting dark so fast that day (thanks day light savings!)

5). What do you plan on using your photos for?

I plan on using these for my press kit & website. I need to have updated pictures with my flute badly and having something fresh is very helpful. Thank you so much Taylor! 

Catherine Flinchum | CU Boulder, CO | 11. 1. 2019

You can find Catherine at or on Instagram at @catflinchflute!


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