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Ariel Flach, Flutist | Classical Musician Photographer

Over the last few months, I have had the pleasure of connecting with Ariel on Instagram and let me tell you, meeting her in real life was even more magical! I have never met someone so aware of her privilege, has a mission to raise others up, and learning about how she connects all of her passions back to flute playing and music education! They gave me a bunch of great tips about Boulder, and was so willing to try different poses and walk on ice in her fabulous high heels. Keep reading to learn more about Ariel and her photoshoot experience!

You can find Ariel at!


1). Tell us a little bit about yourself!   I'm a flutist and music educator based in Boulder, Colorado, where I currently pursue a dual degree in flute performance and music ed under the tutelage of Christina Jennings. I transferred here after two years studying flute at Chapman University in Southern California, and added on an education degree as I realized my passion for pedagogy and collaboration. Originally from Portland, Oregon, I grew up in love with music. Several musical mentors consistently invested in my musicianship, so I was able to participate in piano, choir, bell choir, and band from a young age. I want to use my different experiences in education to become an educator who is able to serve my students to the best of my personal ability. I want to bring restorative justice and reconciliation into the classroom, creating a brave and safe space for all of my students to be known and seen. 2). Are there any projects you're working on right now/goals you have? I'm looking forward to playing several Christmas Eve concerts at a large church in Oregon with members of the Oregon Symphony Orchestra and a 100-member choir! I'm also preparing to apply for my first-ever conducting clinic. This is particularly exciting, because after graduation, I plan to teach middle school or high school band/orchestra before pursuing graduate degrees in conducting. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to refine my skills! 3). Were you nervous for your session?  A bit, mostly because (like many folks) I get self-conscious about my appearance, even when I present myself the way I want to. It can be hard to be comfortable in your own skin, and photosessions sometimes exaggerate that feeling of discomfort. At the same time, I knew I was about to have an incredibly fun session with Taylor. The guide she provided helped to assuage any anxiety I had!

4). What was it like working with Taylor? Absolutely wonderful! This was a professional, enjoyable experience. Taylor was encouraging, and provided many tips on posing and how I should angle my face or body to best capture the look we were going for. We also had a fantastic time getting to know each other in person after months of following one another on instagram! I treasure the memory of this photoshoot with a dear friend. 5). What do you plan on using your photos for?

I'll use these photos for applications to conducting clinics or flute intensives, and for social media posts! I now have shots that will work for music education portfolios or job applications, and can represent my philosophy effectively through the visual messages my photos send. Thank you, Taylor!


Ariel Flach | Chautauqua Park, Boulder, CO | 11. 1. 2019

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