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Dr. Brianne Borden, Trumpet Professor | Creative Headshot Photographer

Meet Brianne: Trumpet professor at SUNY Potsdam, professional musician, and CEO of Yoga for All Musicians! Brianne and I have known each other through Instagram for a few years now, but meeting in real life has been nearly impossible as she lived in Arizona and I in Boston until (drum roll please) we were both in New York! The stars finally aligned and we had the most magical photoshoot of all time. I'm convinced that she's a magical fairy who, if you're lucky, will grace you with her immaculate presence. But if words don't paint a deep enough picture of how incredible Brianne is, keep scrolling to see her photos!


1). Tell us a little bit about yourself! I teach trumpet at the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam, am a member of the Potsdam Brass Quintet, co-owner & CEO of Yoga for All Musicians, and co-founder & secretary for the Nova Trumpet Collective. I have a 22 toed dog named Bailey, love houseplants, reading, and coffee. 2). Are there any projects/performances you're working on right now that you want others to know about?

I recently co-founded the Nova Trumpet Collective with Buddy Deshler and Nairam Simoes. The three of us, along with eleven other professional trumpet players, make up this collective that has a lot of fun projects on the horizon. We are working to create educational programs and promote diversity within the trumpet community.

Also! I have a few performances coming up. I’ll be performing a Faculty Recital on October 26th and the Potsdam Brass Quintet will be performing a recital on November 1st. Both can be live-streamed through the Crane website. 3). Were you nervous for your session? Not at all! I was super excited to finally get to meet Taylor in person. 4). What was it like working with Taylor? INCREDIBLE. Taylor has a wonderfully grounding presence. She was great with giving me direction without being pushy. I felt so comfortable with her and we laughed the whole time! 5). What do you plan on using your photos for?

Whenever somebody asks me for a headshot for ensembles I’m in, podcast interviews, etc. I also will be re-activating my website and updating with these headshots!


Dr. Brianne Borden | Saratoga State Park | 7. 27. 2021

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