Red Rocks Engagement Photos | Claire + Abbie

Over the past year, I had the honor of befriending Claire, founder of Practice Room Yoga, on Instagram; when she posted a picture of her and Abbie together, I just knew there was something special not just about what each of them had on their own, but how that magic was even stronger together as a couple. While I reside in Boston, and they live in Texas, when they found out I was taking a trip to Denver, they booked an Airbnb and drove 7 hours (crazy, I know, but it's much closer than TX is to MA!) not only to see me, but asked if I would take their engagement photos! I would be lying to say I didn't cry through editing them, and you will too when you see them below!


1). Tell us about yourselves! How did you two meet?  Claire: Hi all! I am a classical flutist and yoga for musicians instructor. I'm in the final year of my masters degree in flute performance at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX! 

Abbie: I'm a middle school band director here in Lubbock, as well. We met because of our undergraduate marching band, back in Arkansas.

Claire: Abbie was the drum major, and I was a little piccolo player who fell in love! It was love at first conversation. Seriously. 

Abbie: And we've been together for six years! I proposed to Claire in December 2018, and our wedding is in May 2020.  2). Were you nervous about your session?  Abbie: Yes! Mainly because I had too much coffee the morning of our shoot! But also because I just wanted everything to go perfectly. We were taking pictures in a place that we weren't familiar with, so there was potential for something to go wrong. We were also really nervous and excited to meet Taylor for the first time! Claire: I was nervous too, but mostly about having a wardrobe malfunction, or posing awkwardly, or having a weird smile. I was really afraid that my face just wasn't going to look right in pictures, for some reason. Meeting Taylor was like meeting the other half of my heart, though, so that was wonderful.  3). How did you prepare for the session? Claire: I spent some time looking at photos on Pinterest and scoping out photos of Red Rocks Amphitheater, as well! I texted Taylor roughly 300 times about what the heck to wear, and ended up buying an outfit off of Amazon. I told y'all, I was nervous about looking ridiculous. 

Abbie: Aside from picking our outfits, which was a much harder decision than I expected, we planned for our dog, Charlie, to come too! We brought her leash, harness, and a bag of treats. We also called ahead to check park hours before we arrived. 4). What was your favorite part of the session? Abbie: My favorite part of the session was spending so much time looking at Claire and smiling. The trail was gorgeous, too; it was such a bonus that we got to hike an awesome trail. It was so great to get to know Taylor. Claire: During the session, we walked up on a bride and groom who had just finished their wedding ceremony and were posing for a photo. After they were done, we ran to steal their spot, which involved hopping a fence and balancing on some crazy rocks. I was scared the entire time (I'm a rule follower!), but Taylor made it so funny and fun, and we laughed so much. I loved meeting Taylor, too, and getting to chat with her so much. She kept me from falling off of the side of a cliff more than once. She's an angel.  5). What was it like working with Taylor?  Claire: Taylor was such an easy, fun, comfortable person to be around. She never made us feel awkward, had lots of poses in mind, and was incredibly detail-oriented about the way our hair looked, our clothing, and the orientation of our bodies. I knew she wouldn't take the picture if my hair was sticking out or my scarf was askew. I trusted her completely. And we had so much fun.

Abbie: She was just so perfect. She had so many great ideas, but was willing to listen to us and encourage our ideas, too. She pushed us to take the beautiful shot on the rocks that Claire mentioned. Her pickiness about details really helped our photos come out beautifully, and that was so important to me. She has an eye for detail. And she was so patient with Charlie! 

Claire and Abbie | Red Rock Amphitheater | 11. 2. 2019