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Photoshoot Tips for Boston Business Women | Boston Headshot Photographer

Woman in a white shirt and jeans sitting on a couch in her home

If you're a Boston business woman looking to have a successful photoshoot, here are some tips to consider!

1. Choose the Right Location for You

Boston has many iconic and beautiful locations that can serve as a backdrop for your photoshoot such as the Beacon Hill, the Boston Public Gardens, and the Boston Seaport. If you're looking for something more representative of office life, there are several chic but professional photography studios throughout the city or just outside of it. My two favorites are Studio B in South Boston and the Newburyport Studio in Newburyport, MA!

Woman in all white suit sitting on a chair in a photoshoot studio in Boston

Woman with red hair and a black shirt looking out into the distance in front of the Boston Seaport

2. What to Wear?

Solid colors are your friend! While I've always loved fun patterns, there are many textures surrounding you in a photoshoot, especially if it's outdoors. By minimizing this in your clothing, it helps bring the focus to you, rather than details in the background. Wear what makes you feel confident, yourself, and comfortable. If you're going to be worried about making a ton of adjustments or having to hold your breath to fit into a particular garment, it could take away from the overall experience of your session. Make sure to try on all of your clothes beforehand to make sure they fit, aren't see-through, and that you feel good in them!

Woman in black button down and white dress pants standing in front of plants in the Boston Seaport

Woman in light blue sweater leaning against a railing in her home

3. Hire a Professional Photographer

While you may be able to take decent photos with your phone, hiring a professional photographer can take your photos to the next level. What you may not know is that a photographer does a lot more than just take photos and edit- they are there to guide you on poses, help you figure out what you're looking to get across in your photos, and ultimately bring that vision to life.

Woman with curly hair in a white button down shirt standing in front of trees

Fitness teacher holding a weight standing in front of a laptop

4. Practice Posing

Spend some time practicing your poses before the photoshoot. While as a just said, that part of your photographer's job is to help you pose, having some ideas in your back pocket will help you feel more confident and in control during your session. If there are parts of yourself that you particularly love, such as one side of your face over the other, it's important to communicate that to your photographer so they can be sure to capture it!

Woman in black button down dress shirt standing in front of trees

Woman in white tank top standing in front of trees

5. Incorporate Props

Consider bringing props that represent your business or profession. For example, if you're a marketer, bring some a laptop and printed branding materials. If you're a therapist, bring a notebook and your favorite books for clients. If you're a musician, bring sheet music and your instrument.

Woman in a black shirt with grey dress pants and glasses sitting on a blue chair in a photography studio in Boston

Woman with a white shirt and clarinet standing in front of trees

6. Relax and Have Fun!

Finally, remember to relax and have fun during the photoshoot. A relaxed and confident subject makes for better photos, so try to enjoy the process and let your incredible personality shine through!

Woman in a white button down shirt and blue necklace standing in front of the water at the Boston Seaport

Woman in a white sweater standing in front of trees

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